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Welcome to Eco Engine Tune!

As approved Viezu Technologies™ Dealers, we aim to personalise every car, exactly to the end users requirements. Our mobile remapping operation is able to cover Sussex, Surrey, Kent and throughout South-East of England.

The past few years have seen a huge rise in fuel costs so if you require more miles per gallon then we will write an economy map, if you require more power then we can write a performance map, if you require your car to be optimised for towing or motorway cruising then just let us know and we will write a map to suit your needs.

To speak with us please call today on 01444 318901

remapping sussex
Paul Williams
ECU Remapping Specialist

Find out what benefits your car can get from our Viezu™ Remapping services.

performance remapping

Performance Remapping

Our performance remapping option delivers a significant gain in power for those seeking more BHP and torque, giving your car a new lease of life.

economy remapping

Economy Remapping

Our economy remapping option is designed to reduce fuel costs, giving you more miles per gallon, whilst also maintaining a decent level of power.

race chip tuning

Race Chip Tuning Boxes

Viezu™ specialise in the design and manufacturing of plug and play race chip tuning boxes for both diesel engines and turbo-charged petrol engine cars.

For remapping, chip tuning, DPF cleaning and carbon cleaning please call on 01444 318901

Why choose us?

We provide fantastic levels of customer service, we explain the process fully and answer any questions you may have. This way we can give full confidence to every customer and, teamed up with our mobile service, it gives you a convenient service.

So no matter whether you drive a car or van and you want more power or better fuel economy, we have the ability to help you get the most from your vehicle with our customised remapping services.

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