New Ford Transit 2.0 diesel 2017

Great News. Very latest Ford Transit 2.0 diesel 2017 can now be remapped with out taking anything apart. This customer is now enjoying improved throttle response, no turbo lag and more power that is consistent throughout the rev range. Should see 10 to 15 percent improvement in mpg too

Abarth 595 2014

This little pocket rocket Abarth 595 had been remapped elsewhere badly and hadn't achieved the customer expectations. I attended the car and removed the ecu and connected directly to its circuit board. This way I was able to get a full read of all the software points. A new map was created, the ecu sealed and reinstalled then roadtest time. BINGO. The car drives beautifully in all conditions!!

Nissan Navara NP300 Performance Remapping

Nissan Navara having a remap to help with the delayed throttle response and turbo lag. The computer needed removing from the car and tuning on the bench. The customer was very pleased on roadtest and the truck now performs beautifully 😁

So what is ECU remapping?

So………I am a mobile ECU remap specialist, I do diesel tuning, petrol tuning eco tuning, performance tuning, power tuning and DPF removal. Well that’s great for you I hear you say, but what is ECU remapping……….What does it mean. Well here goes…………